The First Mover in science & algae-based lifestyle drinks to support & balance your mind.

Bringing the health function of
nutraceuticals to every-day products.

Our beverages are purely
plant-based, of premium quality, with
always an environmental-friendly
global vision.


in August 2020 as a foodtech company converting plant-based science into convenience beverages.

Designed as a multi-brand company we are now ready to launch our first beverage under our proprietary strong brand.

2 products

have been already developed:

  • POC for 1st drink to balance your mind
  • Formulation for 2nd drink

good for our health and our planet:

  • Production of ALL ingredients and CPG in France
  • Selected for their demonstrated function and their low environmental impact.

Target Market:

  • Lifestyle drinks
  • Healthy refreshments / shots

Management Team

of industry experts &
a sound Advisory Board

Already two products

Based on the extensive experiences of its founder, after inauguration of the company in August 2020 and despite CoVid, two product formulations have already been designed. The decision for the first product to enter the market has been taken and the corresponding POC achieved in April 2021. The product has only two main plant-based ingredients, one from a microalga with many health promoting studies behind, the second from a plant, for which the health benefits and effects have been also demonstrated in proprietary scientific studies by our partner. The producers of the ingredients as well as of the final drink are located in France and Europe.

Algae (both seaweed and microalgae) are named one of the greatest superfoods by the WHO for many reasons: They are rich in proteins, rich in Vitamins (like Vit. A, E, K, B,..), provide minerals, antioxidants & are the primary producers of OMEGA-3s such as DHA, which are essential for the proper function of your nervous system.

We explore what we can call the green power, and source other plant-based ingredients for their known and proven function and the way they are produced (sustainable production, environmental-friendly extraction process).

What algae and plants have in common is positive and scientifically proven effects on the human health, an over thousand-year-old tradition to be used as natural medicine. Our aim is to bring this tradition to life – and also make it lifestyle.

USP of our drinks

  • Active ingredients from plants to support the desired effects
  • Function backed by Science
  • Great taste & packaging, convenient/easy to use
  • clearly defined customer benefit
  • Great color, all natural and plant-based
  • Sustainable production of ALL ingredients and final product made in Europe (France)
  • Innovative and very simple combination of only few active plant-based extracts, one of which is always coming from algae, accompanied by only natural preservatives
  • First lifestyle beverage which focusses on “balancing your mind”
  • Affordable pricing targeting the mass market

Our value creation

We work fully transparent over the whole supply chain with traceable, plant-based, organic and vegan ingredients. The main ingredients have science-based health function which are proven by own studies designed by the producers. We are using the related health claims of our algae and plant ingredients supported by EFSA, the European authority for Food Safety and the FDA, the US Food Drug Administration. Ingredients and the end consumer product are ALL produced in France to achieve lowest environmental impact and improve carbon footprint along the value chain.

This is needed more than ever before: It’s often work vs. life, performance vs. wellness – for many people the daily live is a constant struggle and more than 50% of all adults are concerned with the amount of stress they have on a daily basis. We, with our product, believe that wellness & performance not only are possible together but also positively affect each other: A calm mind leads to a focused brain.

Executive Board

Jean-Michel – The Scientific Mind

Founder & Expert in Science, Ingredients (specifically Algae & Microbiota) and R&D.

A mind full of Product Ideas.

Alexandra – The Strategic Mind

Growth & Finance Expert.

A mind full of Numbers & Strategies.

Tom – The Entrepreneurial Mind

Start Up Alumni & FMCG Expert.

A mind full of Sales & Business Development

Lucia – The Creative Mind

Marketing & Beverage Expert.

A mind full of Creativity & new Ideas.

First Business Angel, Technical and Marketing Advisor for Asia


Expert in algae & technology

Hong Kong / Chinese market access

Highly experienced Advisory Board from


Expert in financing and plant-based growth projects


Expert in plant-based product development, USA / North American market access


Expert in Microbiota, pro- & prebiotics, opinion leader in nutrition and health, UK Market access


Expert in consumer trends, health and nutrition

Go-to-Market Preparation in 2021

As the POC has been realized in Q3/21 for our first to be launched drink. So we work on the “Road to Market”, meaning the full development of our brand.

Then for the Go-To-Market, a solid brand building and to achieve healthy, sustainable margins long-term we are looking for strategic partnering opportunities and for funding.

Market Entry & Growth Strategy

Designed as a multi-brand company, we are preparing to launch our first beverage under our proprietary brand next year, in 2022.

We are working in a small team of industry experts, supported by a sound advisory board.

For more detail kindly contact us directly.

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Dr. Jean-Michel Pommet

Founder, President & CSO

Mrs. Alexandra Mosch

Co-Founder, MP & CFO